Schwinn Roadster 12 inch Trike Reviews – Read This Before You Buy The Tricycle

schwinn roadster 12-inch blue and red color trike
The Schwinn Roadster trike is delightful, well made, and very much cherished by my child who only turned 3.

I needed to compose a survey to battle another audit that expresses that there is a tallness limitation of 38″. The container has a tallness graph on it that says Ages 18 months to 5 years, 26″ to 38″.

Since my child is 38″ tall and just achieves the pedals on the seat setting nearest to the wheel, I messaged the organization to tell them about the issue and this is the thing that they composed back:

Features and Specifications:

  • Steel retro-style outline with low focal point of gravity for security
  • Solid steel 12″ x 8″ wheels with smooth-moving inflatable tires
  • Honest to goodness wood back deck has trendy Schwinn logo
  • Agreeable high-secondary lounge with coordinated conveying handle
  • Mustache-style low handlebars with ringer for included retro feel
  • Genuine chrome bumpers for a spotless ride
  • Stature prerequisites: 26″ – 38″

Primary concern

The Schwinn Roadster Tricycle is intended for youngsters ages 1 ½ to 5 years of age. Its low-to-the-ground, horizontal seating position makes it harder to tip over; however, it additionally makes accelerating more troublesome for a few children.

Pick the best color to match your child’s personality from Pink, Hot Pink, Red, Blue to Hot Blue coloring of Schwinn Roadster Trike.


Low to the ground: On account of the Schwinn Roadster Tricycle’s low focus of gravity, it is more averse to tip over on sharp or quick turns than different models.

This makes for a more secure tricycle than some of its rivals, commentators say.
On the other hand, the tricycle’s seating position might make it harder for a few children to pedal.

One Guardian at composes, “The pedals are in front, and the pushing forward is not as instinctive as a more upright tricycle that mirrors all the more nearly the activity of strolling or climbing stairs.”

The Roadster Tricycle is additionally a bit on the strong side when contrasted with different trikes.

An Amazon commentator says, “It is greater than I envisioned and substantial to conveyor lift anyplace.”

This could be hazardous for little kids who do not have the quality to impel the bicycle forward. Then again, a few folks say the tricycle is not sufficiently overwhelming. One thing most proprietors concede to: Assembly is genuinely simple.


Flawed tires:
There have been various reports of inward tubes releasing at an opportune time with the Schwinn Tricycle. One client said, “The back tire popped the third time my girl rode it.”

On top of this, new parts can be hard to get. One client says, “The 10×2 internal tube is verging on difficult to discover, and the maybe a couple of places that may have them need more than $20 each!”

A few clients additionally specify incidental rusting, notwithstanding when put away appropriately. Notwithstanding the tricky inward tubes, most discover the Schwinn Roadster Tricycle is a well-assembled tricycle.

One client says, “This trike is so adorable and durable. We couldn’t request a superior trike for the cash!”
Schwinn Roadster 12-Inch Trike Red Blue Pink Black available colored tricycle

Client Service

Reliable administration:
Schwinn, as indicated by most commentators’ encounters, remains behind their items and offers a solid client administration.

One client required another inner tube and tire for the Schwinn Roadster; the organization sent new parts with no bother.

On the other side, a couple of customers gripe about Schwinn not conveying particular parts.


General development on the Schwinn Roadster is by all accounts great. Little if any plastic is utilized, the tires are totally inflatable; the tubing is thick steel and has pleasant strong welds. I likewise saw that the paint is by all accounts chip safe… perhaps a powder coat?

Last Verdict

– Not much negative I can say in regards to the Schwinn Roadster – this is a simple suggestion.

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