Schwinn Easy Steer Trike, Red/White Tricycle Review

Each tyke recollects their first bicycle. Gain those unique experiences with the Schwinn Easy Steer Tricycle!

Extraordinary components, for example, the trike’s high rearward sitting arrangement and 3-point safety belt, give the ideal mix of solace and tyke wellbeing.

The Schwinn Easy Steer Trike makes figuring out how to ride fun and simple, while the wide, durable EVA tires offer a beautiful look your kid is certain to adore.

With a removable push/guiding handle, grown-ups can walk easily as they control the directing and speed of the tricycle.

Sexual orientation Unisex Color White and Red Frame Steel Ages 12 months to 3 years Assembly Required Removable push/steer handlebars High back seat with 3 point safety belt Wide EVA tires on encased wheels Front and raise receptacles for toys or supplies Length 26-inch Width 20.5-inch Stature 21.5 inch.

The bright red and white Easy to Steer Tricycle is sexually unbiased, making it ideal for young boys and young girls.

It additionally has a few elements that will permit this tricycle to develop with your kid, giving you more esteem for your cash and your tyke more miles of fun.

These components include:

  • Substantial obligation steel outline
  • Removable push directing handle
  • Wide EVA (tires are plastic)
  • Gravity lock dump container in back for toys
  • Front wicker bin
  • 3 point safety belt for littler youngsters
  • Flexible seat
  • Intended for a long time 2 to 4
  • Initial introductions

It’s a decidedly manufactured tricycle that is charming and fun for your kid, and simple on the backs of the folks and grandparents.

There is sufficient storage room for your youngster to take along a nibble, drink, and a couple of toys.

The high rearward sitting arrangement is ideal for more youthful kids and offers a measure of additional solace.

What did I adore most?

The Schwinn easy steer has a more extended wheelbase, so it is harder to tip over. It is particularly valuable if a more established tyke may be pushing a more youthful youngster in the trike anytime.

It additionally feels steadier going over grass or berms or natural landscape.

Schwinn Easy Steer Tricycle vs Radio Flyer:

  • The Schwinn has foot pegs, so the tyke has some place secure to rest their feet until they are sufficiently enormous to achieve the pedals. The Radio Flyer has no such component and the legs only dangle.
  • The Radio Flyer has the plastic bars that surround the kid, and it is anything but difficult to be apathetic and not utilize the straps. The Schwinn just has straps, and in this way, we utilize them, so child winds up more secure in the Schwinn.
  • The Schwinn is additionally greater and will oblige a more prominent age scope of youngsters (from around 12 months to 3 years), while the radio flyer is now too little for our 3-year-old.
  • We have additionally found that the Schwinn works better for tall individuals/since quite a while ago legged grown-ups. We are tall grown-ups 5’10 and 6′ and are frequently knocking feet into the back of the Radio Flyer as we walk. This likewise happens sporadically with the Schwinn, yet not as regularly.
  • The Schwinn has a front bushel and a back wicker container for holding toys or questions found. The Radio Flyer has a littler back crate just (however it has a smart, minimal spread that the Schwinn does not).
  • The Radio Flyer has a convenient shade that will shield the child from the direct overhead sun (yet we seldom utilize it as we don’t use it amid that time. The shade is not movable, so its utilization is restricted (it opens and closes, it doesn’t tilt/pivot).
  • The Radio Flyer has no brakes (the pedals only turn in reverse). Perhaps this isn’t a tremendous arrangement as children will figure out how to put their feet down to stop, yet the Schwinn has brakes, and the youngster can understand how to utilize them as they advance towards two-wheeled bicycle aptitudes.
  • The Radio Flyer has elastic tires that give a smoother ride than the plastic wheels on the Schwinn, yet the elastic stinks terrible. We needed to stop it in the sun for a few weeks to get the scent to disperse before we could place it in the carport.


What The Reviews Have To Say

Surveys for the Easy to Steer Tricycle are great with this trike getting significant positive input from joined audits over the web.

There was a considerable measure of components folks truly preferred about this tricycle, and a couple of things they felt required making strides.

Here is the thing that they preferred and didn’t care for:

What Parents Liked about Schwinn Easy Steer

  • Quality materials of the trike itself
  • Simplicity of get together
  • Flexible seat
  • Guardian directing gadget works extraordinary and is to a great degree convenient
  • The fun component. All folks conceded that their youngsters adored this trike

What Parents Didn’t Like

Squeaky wheels/heading. It is by all accounts a using so as to reoccurring issue that few folks illuminated WD 40 or oil on the wheel or bearing. Different folks just sent the trike back.

  • While folks like the 3 point wellbeing bridle, a few folks expressed this outfit is unfathomably hard to unfasten
  • A couple of folks expressed that the guardian handle was marginally askew, making it to some degree hard to push their tyke.
  • In general, most folks enjoyed the Easy Steer Tricycle for Toddlers, and either encountered no issues with this trike or just neglected the minor imperfections since their kids adored this trike to such an extent.
  • On the off chance that you need this trike to keep going for a few kids to utilize, you might need to beware of the accessibility of pneumatic tires.


General this Schwinn trike is a hit with every one of the children we know and particularly my child, who reveres it!

On the off chance that the guiding issues are something that can be amended then the peg situation can be neglected yet at the cost you would truly surmise that every one of the parts ought to work well and being made by a surely understood bicycle organization I thought this would be a higher quality and better working item then the vast majority of the others out there!

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