Radio Flyer: The Scoot-About or Wooden Tiny Trike? – Find The Perfect One

The Radio Flyer The Scoot-About™ is known for a perfect starter bike for the toddler. It is ideal for any toddler looking to ride in style.

The toddler can move around in the house with the Scoot-About with no worries, a furniture-friendly front bumper to protect your home walls and furnishings.

Behind The Story:
The Radio Flyer Metalic The Scoot-About vs Wooden Classic Tiny Tricycle –

I couldn’t settle on the wooden adaptation of the hurry trike or the metal, so I bought both for my 2 kids and can think about the two trikes.


The Radio Flyer wooden adaptation is exceptionally retro and adorable, yet the Scoot-About metal variant is somewhat bigger.
My elder son is taller and will have the capacity to utilize it longer, so that is the one that we are going to keep for him.


The Radio Flyer Scoot-About metal adaptation has a hard plastic seat, and the screws experience it, so they appear. The seat has 3 statures.
The most minimal tallness is marginally higher than the seat on the wooden form. The seat is likewise somewhat promoting once again from the handlebars than the seat on the wooden variant.

The Radio Flyer Wooden trike variant has a daintily cushioned seat, and the screws don’t appear.



Metal adaptation has Y-formed bars. The hand grasps are as of now connected. The streamers are made of the red and white strip.

The Radio Flyer Wooden adaptation has a straight handlebar. The hand holds are a less expensive plastic and are hard to slide onto the bar. The streamers are a red vinyl that doesn’t hang as pleasantly.


Both forms have the same ringer.


Very comparable between the two. The Scoot-About’s metal form has wheels that are hard and smooth. So the kid can ride this trike inside or outside of a home.

The wooden form has wheels that are somewhat milder and have slight notches. We have just utilized the trikes inside so I don’t know how well they would hold up outside.


General form:

The wooden adaptation has a wooden body, directing section, and front hub with metal pieces to join every one of them.

The Scoot-about metal variant has a metal body and association pieces with a plastic front hub.

Get together:

The metal trike was less demanding to assemble, yet nor was super troublesome. I did wind up with a surprising crevice between the edge and the controlling section on the wooden trike, yet I don’t know whether that is a deformity or not.

Radio Flyer Scoot-About Feature

  • Wide front wheels for steadiness and security
  • Genuine working controlling
  • “Furniture Friendly” front guard
  • Movable seat stature with simple turn handle
  • Ringing ringer
  • Red streamers and bell for even more fun!

Radio Flyer Wooden Classic Trike Feature

  • One of our best sellers for over 25 years
  • Genuine wood body and chrome handlebars for durability
  • Real working steering and durable molded wheels for a smooth ride
  • Wide wheels base for safety and stability
  • Padded seat and ergonomic handgrips for comfort


To finish my writing, I would like to say that you can buy this Scoot-About tool for your children without any doubt. And my 2nd choice is the wooden Classic Tiny Trike. But One thing I can assure you that your kids will have to love this one.
And yes, it would be a great investment for your kids.

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