Review on Radio Flyer Classic 12 inch Dual Deck Red/Pink Tricycle

It’s each tyke’s fantasy to have his or her bike; however, dismal to say, not each child gets the chance to jump on and ride as they envisioned. They could get to be baffled after attempting to move where they wish to go, or can even have their first error that just demolishes everything!

All things considered, you as a guardian are enabled in averting such circumstances. An honor winning trike that collected the Parent’s Guide to Children’s Media Award, the Parents Choice Classic Award, The National Parenting Centers Seal of Approval, the Radio Flyer Classic Dual Deck Tricycle is unquestionably the best for your kid!
This Classic 12-inch Dual Deck tricycle available in red and pink color which assembled with a major 31cm elastic wheel in front that is intended for guiding while the 2 wheels at the back are much littler. The 2 back elastic wheels measure 7 creeps that backing the 12-inch front wheel.

This general form makes it simple to mount for a tyke, which your child or little girl will most likely love to do when they see the splendid red magnificence of this trike! They can even do as such with the twofold deck venture in back and hop on to their new most loved toy.

Principally, it can give a tyke the conviction that all is good they require, particularly for beginners to experiment with. This tricycle weighs 17.64 pounds and can convey a most extreme weight of 49 lbs.

Their arms are legitimately situated with the creative type of the handlebars. Folks can savor the experience of the genuine feelings of serenity it brings following their child will be hanging on with a decent grasp given its fun decorations for the handles! They can tinker with the ringer and totally make the most of their new trike without being put at the danger of falling with a 3-wheeled vehicle.
Youthful ones can learn immediately with the pedal that is effortlessly inside of span and with the trike’s controlled turning sweep highlight. It holds a flat focal point of gravity which makes it simple for your li’l kid or young lady to ride.
The seat to pedal separation is at 16″ and 16.5″ while the seat to handle separation measures 16.5″ and 16.75 Kids will pick up certainty with the security it gives, and can rapidly get used to riding their trike. The Classic Red Dual Deck Tricycle is tough with all the fantastic materials utilized, and bound to keep going long as it keeps on being your tyke’s great ride as he or she develops!


  • Strong steel and exceptionally beautiful glossy chrome handlebars and also the bumper
  • Solid general craftsmanship
  • Made with a movable seat for customization
  • Controlled turning span for upgraded soundness amid the whole ride
  • A most adored bicycle that will develop with your youngster which is suitable from 2 up to 5 years old
  • Streamers and chrome ringer that supplements the alluring red trike beyond any doubt make cycling significantly more fun!


  • Little tots more youthful than two or that little for this age will be unable to achieve the pedals yet.
  • The trike, similar to whatever other bicycle or trike, must be kept up to stay sans rust and stay shiny with its exemplary magnificence.


This kiddie trike is made by Radio Flyer, a trusted brand that has existed route in 1917, rendering consistent developments after some time. They have figured out how to deliver an excellent look and nostalgic feel in this beautiful Cherry-Red Dual Deck Tricycle or Sweet-Pink Dual Deck Trike.

They’ve made it accessible throughout today’s era, touching the lives of countless youngsters with awesome recollections to keep for life.

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